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          Breaking News on ISDH Decision

Hearing on Appeal of Denial of Abortion License Scheduled for August 22​

Legal Letter to ISDH

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Shawn Sullivan 

Founder of the Life Center. 

John Kominkiewicz

Office Manager 

​​​In anticipation of the appeal of Whole Woman's Health ( "WWH") this week, we have added two Masses and Confessions times!

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Shawn addressing a crowd with Bishop Rhoades.

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Pro-Life services in South Bend Indiana

Join us in prayer for Mass and Adoration. At the Chapel of Divine Mercy

The Apostolate of Divine Mercy in Service of Life, Marriage and the Family is a vocal advocate for those who are without a voice and to promote Life, Marriage and the Family



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-We need volunteers for Perpetual  Adoration.

-General office help: filing, phone, greet visitors, answer email.

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